LBJ’s star cornerback McCutchin weighs offers and considers future amid successful season

Helena Lara, Photo Editor

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Latrell McCutchin has worked hard on and off season to achieve his football career goals, according to LBJ Football Head Coach Jahmal Fenner, and this season all the practices payed off when he was named best cornerback of his class in the state. McCutchin continues to grow on and off the field, according to Fenner who began coaching him January of last year when McCutchin joined the LBJ football team after transferring from Manor High School.

There are many responsibilities and qualifications a cornerback like McCutchin is required to have that he continues to improve on, according to Fenner.

“You have got to have good feet, you have to be fas, and have good hips, understand the concept of routes and what the receivers are trying to do to beat you,” Fenner said. “You have to be someone that’s not scared or afraid, you just have to be kind of fearless.”

According to Fenner, it is these qualities that make McCutchin a good leader for the team.
“[McCutchin’s] contribution to the team first is a leadership role. He’s a player with a high IQ for the game, he understands the ball and his position and so he’s very effective at what he does because he’s a top player in his performance. So really when I look at Latrell he’s one of those kids that has all the intangibles: the size, the measurables, he’s just a very athletic and gifted kid, so he plays a huge role in our team and what we do.”

Fenner says the qualities McCutchin possess make him a valued part of the team and according to McCutchin, he had many opportunities and a strong support system that helped him achieve these goals and be a leader.

“My main support are my teammates, my mom, my dad, my trainer Alan Gaiden,” McCutchin said. “Guys like that, they just are my motivation and they help me do what I need to do.”

His family and friends are not his only support, though. The coaches on the team make sure the players achieve their short and long term goals in their football career.

“We really just want to help all of the kids to go to college, and then to try to support him academically and athletically so he can accomplish everything, all of his goals,” Fenner said. “That’s our number one goal, we’re not really looking at ourselves we’re looking at what can we do to help him achieve what he wants to.”

Due to the ranking and other achievements, Fenner believes McCutchin will continue to be in the spotlight for collegiate football.

“Of course I want to go D1 and I want to play for a team in the NFL,” McCutchin said. “Football is like everything to me and high school right now is just another step in the direction that I want to go. So playing where I am right now allows me to be successful in the future.”

Fenner thinks McCutchin’s goals are tangible if he keeps working hard.

“[McCutchin] is still young, he’s a sophomore, so his future is bright and I think that if he keeps developing and he keeps growing as a player and as a person he’s going to have any opportunity that he wants,” Fenner said.

Currently McCutchin has two collegiate offers, and Fenner thinks his future is bright.
“[McCutchin] will get to be one of those kids on Signing Day with many options, so I think for him his future in the game of football and being a collegiate athlete is almost a promise to him if he does everything he’s supposed to,” Fenner said.

Because of the opportunities McCutchin has had and the work he has put in and if he continues to work hard, Fenner believes when the time comes McCutchin will have many more opportunities to continue his football career into collegiate football.

“In the offseason we work hard and did everything we were supposed to do,” Fenner said. “We worked out, we ran, we conditioned, we did footwork drills and everything man just preparation in general is necessary to be successful.”

It is preparation and dedication on and off season, according to McCutchin that develop players like him and will help them continue to grow and improve. Specifically, McCutchin thinks one area where he can grow is how he reacts to situations that can affect the game.

“Sometimes I can improve my attitude, and that translates onto the football field too,” McCutchin said. “But sometimes when my teammates see me getting down, they’ll pick me up just like I pick them up when they’re down.”

However, Fenner says he has already seen much improvement and growth and McCutchin, and he will continue to grow with his high school football career.

“He just has to keep growing, meaning developing,” Fenner said. “And I’ll tell you from the time he stepped on this campus I have seen him grow…. I’ve seen him gain a lot of confidence just from the growth in his footwork and getting faster and quicker and stronger because he’s gotten stronger also.”