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How JK Rowling Failed the Harry Potter Fanbase

Ainsley Freeman, Web Editor

September 1, 2020

The Harry Potter franchise was a staple of many a childhood. First published in 1997, it quickly became massively popular, making J.K. Rowling the first person to become a billionaire by writing alone. As a child, I, like many...

How Legitimate is Astrology?

Skylar Sidensol-Denero, Staffer

February 18, 2020

Astrology and horoscopes are a large part of pop culture in America as well as around the world. According to a poll done in 2009, over 25 percent of Americans believe in astrology and horoscopes. It can shape the way people think...

Electives: Beyond the Normal Choices

Diego Prozzi, Staffer

February 18, 2020

With elective choice sheets coming out, students are going to need to choose what electives they should sign up for. Unconventional electives available at LASA are engaging and help students learn in a more enjoyable way. This...

The Competitive Nature of LASA

Wrenny Collamer, Staffer

February 18, 2020

LASA fosters a competitive environment, leading to a potential increase in stress for students. LASA’s competition and stress have both positive and negative aspects, but their comprehensive impacts need to be evaluated more...

Valentine’s Day: Consumerist Hoax or Romantic Holiday?

Alex Watson, Photo Editor

February 14, 2020

Once February rolls around, teenagers can barely move without running into a chocolate display or a red plastic heart. Schools sell candy grams during lunch and blanket the halls with paper decorations and posters. In the midst...

Kwanzaa: A History

Diya D'souza, Staffer

January 17, 2020

While many Americans spend the morning of December 25th sitting around a tree opening gifts, those who celebrate the holiday of Kwanzaa don’t celebrate until the next day. An estimated 18 million African Americans take part...

A Merry Austinite Christmas

Alex Watson, Photo Editor

December 25, 2019

Now that winter has officially begun, it’s time to lace up your skates and spread some holiday cheer! Although there likely won’t be much snow in Austin, you can do just about everything else to celebrate this magical time...

The Rise of Fall Foods

Grace Woodruff, Staffer

November 6, 2019

The leaves are falling down, a crisp breeze is in the air, and every cafe, restaurant, and grocery store is offering pumpkin-flavored goodies. With many pumpkin-imbued treats offered by a variety of different stores, it becomes...

Sticking for What’s Right

Ahnsa Campbell, Staffer

November 6, 2019

Whether it be in the media, from your teachers, or during a conversation with your friends, the word “global warming” is thrown around quite often. Understanding what it means and the cause surrounding it is something different....

How the Liberator is Made

How the Liberator is Made

October 11, 2019

There and Back Again

There and Back Again

October 11, 2019

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