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The student-run newspaper of the Liberal Arts and Science Academy

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Raptor Rundown Issue 4 [May 15 2023]

Kayla Le, Managing Editor May 15, 2023

I remember my first experience with tennis. I was watching pre-season matches over the summer, and the sun was unforgiving. Bright, hot rays beamed down on me from overhead, and the dreaded reading of...

editor Lili Xiong passes the ball to a memeber of the
LASA softball team to warm up. According to Xiong, these simple looking throws are quite decieving. photo by Kayla Le

Issue 3 Raptor Rundown

LiLi Xiong, Student Life Editor March 6, 2023

Prior to attending softball practice for the first time, the only thing I knew for certain about baseball was that if you talk about the Astros cheating, people get angry. Furthermore, the only thing I...

SCRIMAGE: Martinez joins The Vertikills for a day and plays a practice match while they run their plays for upcoming matches. There are four cuts that the team practices which are strike, the around, the cut-back, and the deep-cut. photo by JC Ramirez Delgadillo.

Raptor Rundown

Victor Martinez, Staffer December 19, 2022

In my experience, or lack thereof, with playing with frisbee, I have never actually taken the time to improve my throwing or catching technique in any meaningful way. From the time I was a toddler, barely...

SERVE IT UP: Robby Cole learns how to serve with the rest of the volleyball team. The raptor Rundown allows a member of the Liberator to learn a new sport. photo by JC Ramirez Delgadillo

The Raptor Run Down

Robby Cole, Staffer November 18, 2022

I showed up to the Raptors volleyball practice with no experience in the sport outside of my fifth grade gym class. Although I had extremely limited knowledge of the rules in volleyball, I remembered how...

The Raptor Rundown

Edith Holmsten, Student Life Editor May 5, 2022

When I walked into the dance room to write this article for the Raptor Run Down, I was honestly a little nervous. I have been dancing ballet since I was four, and I have danced in pointe shoes since I...

The Raptor Rundown

Delia Rune, Finance Director March 28, 2022

When I arrived at the Morris Williams golf course on a chilly Tuesday afternoon, I wasn’t sure what to expect from golf. I didn’t know much about the sport apart from the fact that it was somewhat...

The Raptor Rundown

Annabel Andre, Sports Editor December 17, 2021

I haven’t played basketball in years, four years to be precise. But a few weeks ago, I decided I would go and play with the LASA girl’s basketball team. Despite being confident that my skills from...

The Raptor Rundown

The Raptor Rundown

Zoe Klein, Copy Editor October 15, 2021

I lagged about a half a beat behind the cheer team for the entire week — as someone who can’t tell my left from my right, contorting my body into the right shape at the right time was a bit of a challenge....

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