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32nd NATO Member Official in March
32nd NATO Member Official in March
Ethan Stern, Staffer • May 14, 2024

On March 7, 2024, Sweden became a full member of NATO after an application process that spanned 20 months. This signifies an end to Sweden’s neutrality that has lasted centuries. NATO, since its formation in 1949, has...

I-35 Expansion Nears the Starting Line
I-35 Expansion Nears the Starting Line
Margot Morgan and Ellington Tough May 13, 2024

A 10-year, $4.5 billion construction project to expand Austin’s Interstate 35 (I-35) has been approved after years of debates, protests, and controversy. The majority of the highway hasn’t changed since its construction...

Texas Panhandle Fires
Texas Panhandle Fires
Miller Williams, Staffer • May 13, 2024

Starting in late February, flames engulfed the Texas panhandle. The fires, caused by faulty electrical wires, quickly destroyed the livestock-friendly land, known as cattle country for being home to tens of thousands of cattle....

Club Crazy: Volume 50, Edition 4
Club Crazy: Volume 50, Edition 4
Harrison Chambers, Ethan Stern, Sarah Garrett, and Esmé Kessler May 13, 2024

Aircraft Club Harrison Chambers | Staffer In the Aircraft Club, flying creates a passionate community. To the members, the club is a way to express shared enthusiasm and grow academically. Junior Daniel Canache,...

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Rules Were Meant to Be Broken: Kaylas 30
Rules Were Meant to Be Broken: Kayla's 30
Kayla Le, Editor-in-Chief • May 13, 2024

My newspaper story begins with a vector graphic of a pizza.  During COVID-19, I struggled to find what extracurricular activities stuck. I’ve lost track of the countless Zoom club calls where my cursor hovered over...

LASA and Liberator Mush: Norahs 30
LASA and Liberator Mush: Norah's 30
Norah Hussaini, Commentary Editor • May 13, 2024

When I received the news that this 30 could be used to simultaneously fulfill a newspaper requirement and an English requirement, I was, like any self-respecting LASA student, thanking my lucky stars that I could cross two...

Live, Laugh, Liberator: LiLis 30
Live, Laugh, Liberator: LiLi's 30
LiLi Xiong, Managing Editor • May 13, 2024

When I was a freshman, I thought it was a good idea to hop into Garcia’s little newspaper cart and let former web-editor-in-chief JC Ramirez drag me up a steep hill. If Garcia is reading this right now, I’m sure he’s...

I Cant Leave: Katies 30
I Can't Leave: Katie's 30
Katie Busby, Entertainment Editor • May 13, 2024

Whenever I am complaining about newspaper, if I am not talking to one of my friends in newspaper, I am confronted with the question “Why are you still doing it?” and my answer is always the same: “I can’t leave.”...

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Venues Across Austin
Megan Gerold, Alexandra Valencia-Serrano, and LiLi Xiong May 13, 2024

Mohawk Megan Gerold | Entertainment Editor True to its name, Mohawk exemplifies a venue filled with a cacophony of sounds, experiences, and spiky electricity. Opening its doors in 2006, Mohawk took its place in the Austin...

East Austin Opens New Theater
Bridget Dunleavy, Staffer • May 13, 2024

Amongst the big screens and pounding speakers, movie theaters serve as a place for connection. Buried under the larger theater corporations in Austin, neighborhood cinema centers provide a smaller gathering place for members...

Taking the World by Storm
Annabel Andre and Sanwi Sarode May 13, 2024

International films can be found in theaters and across various major streaming platforms. However, the journey of sharing these diverse stories to a broader audience can be challenging, often commencing at film festivals...

Gen-Z: Young Musicians Set the Tone
Gen-Z: Young Musicians Set the Tone
Katie Busby, Megan Gerold, and Asha Rountree May 13, 2024

With bright eyes and fresh faces, the people born from 1997-2012 enter into the crowded streets and music venues of South by Southwest (SXSW). The draw of the music festival is far and wide, with more than 300,000 people...

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GOLAZO | The LASA girls soccer team celebrates a goal against Ann Richards. This season marked the first time the team advanced to the regional round.
Soccer Teams Repeat Past Successes
Georgia Fink, Staffer • May 13, 2024

This season, both the LASA boys and girls soccer teams dominated their respective districts, and the varsity teams advanced to playoffs. Both went undefeated during their district seasons and had numerous players receive...

Young Athletes in Professional Sports
Sanwi Sarode, Copy Editor • May 13, 2024

Professional athletic teams worldwide are offering high-paying contracts to teenagers as game-changing additions to their teams. In 2023, soccer team Sacramento Republic announced that it signed 13-year-old Da'vian Kimbrough...

Changes to Upcoming 2024-2025 Football Season
Pratik Gurijala, Staffer • May 13, 2024

LASA football has recently left the University Interscholastic League (UIL) , where the team will no longer play in UIL competitions but still play against the same schools for practice matches for at least the next two seasons....

ATX ROCKS | ROCKS Audience members in the bleachers watching the ATX Open final hold up signs reading ‘ATX Rocks’ and ‘Women Rule’. The tournament is Austin’s only professional, tour-level tennis tournament and its largest professional women’s sporting event.
Opinion: Fan's First Live Professional Tennis Experience
Annabel Andre, Editor-in-Chief • May 13, 2024

I have been a tennis fan since before I can remember. I love watching Federer’s smooth strokes and movements that are more akin to dancing. I’ve held my breath countless times while watching Nadal slide through the bright...

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STATE SUCCESS | Seniors Eleanor Barrett and Jack Dollinger and Juniors Anita Sosa and Christian Bohmer are state co-champions. This is the second time the LASA debate team won the state tournament.
Reflecting on the Benefits of High School Debate
Izzy Cravotta, Staffer • May 13, 2024

The LASA debate team has had many successes and wins in the past couple of years. Last year, the team won the national tournament known as the Tournament of Champions, and had the number one spot on the coaches poll, a list...

CyberPatriots Compete to Crack the Code
CyberPatriots Compete to Crack the Code
Ben Goodman, Staffer • May 13, 2024

From March 15-19, the LASA CyberPatriot club competed at the CyberPatriot XVI National Open Division Finals, a competition in which students compete to fix cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Some students went to Maryland to...

INDEPTH: Head in a Book
INDEPTH: Head in a Book
Lasya Sangana and Sadie Sarrat May 13, 2024

The LASA library community has many different opportunities for students to engage in the books they read in different ways. The library hosts a variety of different book clubs and programs such as the Banned Books Club and...

PERFORMANCE READY | The Dynasty dance team performs during the spring showcase. This show featured both dance teams and concluded the end of the dance teams season.
Raptors 8-Count the Steps to Success
Livia Hale, Staffer • May 13, 2024

The LASA dance team allows students to engage with the school community in different ways such as through performances, showcases, and attending competitions. In addition to giving students opportunities to perform, the dance...

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Austin Restaurants Succumb to Struggles
Izzy Cravotta, Staffer • March 22, 2024

Austin has seen many of its favorite restaurants close down over the years, with rising rent, shifting tastes, and the COVID-19 pandemic all playing a role. All across the city, from Sala & Betty to Magnolia Cafe to Flipnotics,...

Improvements Coming to iMessage
Livia Hale, Staffer • March 18, 2024

Apple has been making changes to improve texting between iPhones and Android devices, addressing the long-standing compatibility issues. These upgrades aim to bridge the gap in communication features like read receipts and...

Opinion: LASA From the Perspective of a Shadow
Jay Wilkerson, Gorzycki Contributor • March 18, 2024

For hundreds of prospective LASA students, their shadowing experience is the first time they set foot in the school's halls. As they follow a current LASA student around campus for the day, shadows get a feel for the school's...

Junior Corry Grodek readies the table saw while seniors Jacinto Noriega (left), Henry Thompson (center), and Sol Garcia (right) look on.
Engineers in the Making: Photo Gallery
Deven Sharma, Staffer • March 18, 2024

Humans of LASA: Volume 50, Edition 3
Humans of LASA: Volume 50, Edition 3
Harrison Chambers, Staffer • March 18, 2024

Kimberly Pettigrew | LASA Teacher Kimberly Pettigrew is a history teacher at LASA who teaches AP World History, AP U.S. History, Native American Studies, and Constitutional Law. After graduating from LASA she attended the...

LASA junior Francie Sarrat charging past McCallum junior Emy Chen and towards the basket.
LASA Girls Basketball Brings Down the Knights: Photo Gallery
Izzy Cravotta, Staffer • February 13, 2024

On January 23rd, LASA Girls Basketball defeated their rivals, McCallum High, 40 to 37 at home. The victory extended the Raptors' four-game winning streak and marked the Knights' only district loss of the season.

Q&A With an Austin Water Expert
Sadie Sarrat, Staffer • December 11, 2023

Martin Tower is a Managing Engineer at Austin Water, the city of Austin's public water utility, where he leads the infrastructure management division. He oversees the distribution of capital funds to different departments...

Humans of LASA: Volume 50, Edition 2
Humans of LASA: Volume 50, Edition 2
Rebeca Gonzalez, Staffer • December 11, 2023

Jasmine Tea | Junior Jasmine Tea is a junior at LASA who’s found value in teamwork and independence through sports and entrepreneurship. She enjoys being able to find a community in her sport, ultimate frisbee. Tea also...

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