Hitting the road: Jorge’s 30

Jorge Villa Rangel

My best friend and I created Grandioso Brand during the summer of 2018. We’d never identified as artists, but we both wanted to create something that would change the world. Yes, I know everyone wants to “change the world”, but in my 18 years of living, I’ve never met anyone as dedicated and passionate about it as Kendall Kucera. Kendall and I went to the same middle school, but we never actually spoke. It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I met him in my Great Ideas class. With time, I began to notice that we shared a lot of the same hopes and dreams. We both want to make history and be someone in the world. We both want to continue living even after we die.

Before Grandioso crossed our minds, I knew that if I were to ever create a business, I would need to have Kendall manage my finances. He’s very intelligent and professional when it comes down to real business and started to experiment in the stock market when he was in middle school. Kendall founded and is the president of Investment Club here at LASA. His non-stop dedication regarding all the things he’s passionate about, inspires me to do the same for my own passions. Not only has Kendall shaped me to become the person I am today, but he also pushes me to continue working towards my goals. In the end, what I love the most about him is that he’s always there for me, just as I am for him.

As I mentioned previously, our real grind didn’t start until last summer. From this point onward, Kendall and I became best friends. We knew each other very well and knew what we wanted for our lives and for the people we love. We stayed up late at night, texting about all of our future goals such as; traveling across the world, owning properties everywhere, giving back to the community, changing people’s lives, and most importantly, buying a huge Hacienda in Mexico. Being able to buy an “Hacienda” is very special to us because we want it to become a home for all our family members and friends. Its main purpose is for it to be a place to get away from the world and enjoy life, no electronics, no social media. Kendall and I vehemently believe that nowadays most people aren’t really living, instead all they do is follow pointless routines. We want the opposite for ourselves. We want to not have to think about tomorrow, and instead focus on living now. We want to live, day by day, till we take our last breathes together.

With that in mind, Grandioso Brand is centered around the concept that everyone is “Designed for Greatness” and can achieve greatness if they chase their dreams and never give up. We both know that life can be very difficult, but the point of wearing Grandioso is to remind you that you’re amazing. It serves to remind you that you’re not alone and that you have a whole brand rooting for you as you fight for your dreams. Kendall and I are perfect examples of what it means to dedicate hours and hours behind the scenes. However, every hour of sleep that I’ve lost in this amazing journey, is worth it when I see my friends and family wearing one of our shirts. I have no idea what God has in store for me and my brand, but I invite you to ride our wave, because remember, waves don’t die.