Nationals Upset Astros To Win

Abigail Jackson, Staffer

All eyes were on the Houston Astros after they won Game 6 of the American League Championship Series (ALCS) against the New York Yankees to move on to the World Series. With their first World Series from 2017 title fresh in their memories and an all-star lineup, the Astros quickly became the favorite to win against the Washington Nationals.

The Nationals’ close win in the National League Wild Card Game against the Milwaukee Brewers led Nationals and Astros fans alike to doubt Washington’s chances in the World Series.

I hadn’t paid much attention to the MLB until the World Series started when my dad got the whole family excited for another Astros title. Every night, my family sat down and watched the game, hoping that the Astros could clinch a win.

The series started out in Houston, giving the Astros a home-field advantage. Because their record was better during the season, they got to be home for games one, two, six and seven while the Nationals were home in Washington, D.C. for games three, four and five.

Unfortunately, the Astros lost the first game of the World Series 5-4, but they still had the home-field advantage for game two. They choked under pressure and lost by nine runs with a score of 12-3 after the Nationals scored 6 runs in the seventh inning.

Many fans, especially my family, were nervous about the next three games being in Washington, D.C. because that meant the Nationals had the home-field advantage in addition to the two wins they already claimed. In the seven-game series, only four wins are needed to get the title of World Series Champion, a title the Nationals ended up winning for the first time in franchise history.

The tide turned in the Astros’ favor in Washington D.C. They won all three games played there, winning game three 4-1, game four 8-1, and game five 7-1, which meant that they led the series 3-2 and only needed one more win to take the title. I was ecstatic about their win streak and hoped they could keep up the momentum for just one more game.

Game Six led the Astros back to Minute Maid Park, and all of the advantages were turned in their favor. However, they choked and lost game six with a score of 7-2, tying up the series at 3 games apiece going into game seven.

Tensions were high all around the country. Astros fans all around Texas were nervously hoping for a second title, while Nationals fans in the capitol were hoping for their first.

Game seven began, and the Astros took the lead in the second inning. They led until the sixth inning, when the Nationals suddenly took the lead, scoring 3 runs in the seventh inning, and won the game 6-2. The Nationals won their first MLB title and the Astros suffered a loss that will be hard to bounce back from.

Astros fans were devastated by this loss. They were favored to win and had the support of so many loyal fans who were hoping for a win. Astros fans were also disappointed by the performance of players like starting pitcher Justin Verlander who was a standout in the 2017 World Series but significantly less impactful in the latest World Series.

My family was especially disappointed by the loss because of how close it was. We all huddled around the TV to watch game seven, and it was tough to watch the Astros start strong but end up losing by 4 runs.

However disappointing the outcome of the World Series was, it did make history. It became the first seven-game series where the visiting team won every game. This was not only in baseball but in every sport with a multi-game championship.

Although the Astros lost, I enjoyed watching the World Series this year. I liked the history-making conclusion it came to, even if my team did not come out on top. I think with the experience the Astros got in the 2019 Series will put them in a prime position for victory next season.