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Club Crazy: Volume 50, Edition 4

Asha Rountree
Griffin Beam

Aircraft Club

Harrison Chambers | Staffer

In the Aircraft Club, flying creates a passionate community. To the members, the club is a way to express shared enthusiasm and grow academically.
Junior Daniel Canache, club president, feels that the club is more than just playing with planes. He sees and studies all the complex aspects of the planes, noting that they are far more intricate than the average person may think.

“You can just build a free-flight plane and throw it, like a fancy paper airplane,” Canache said. “But at the same time, you can take that and make it super complex and study a bunch of aspects of the plane.”

The club mainly focuses on new alterations or fixes for the planes, as Canache says they break a good amount. Freshman Seth Mueller, a member of the club, says that the process is very rewarding.

“My favorite thing I would say would be fixing the planes and all that,” Mueller said. “I find it really rewarding to achieve a nicely working plane.”

Aircraft Club meets every Thursday during lunch in room 704.

Lily Wilcox

Stitch Service

Ethan Stern | Staffer
Sarah Garrett | News Editor

Stitch Service gives students with passions for knitting, crocheting, and sewing to donate their items to charity and collect sponsored NHS hours. Senior and Stitch Service president, Hadley Wright, loves that the club gives her a chance to review projects with friends and donate to good causes. 

“I love Stitch Service because of how much of an impact it can have,” Wright said. “I’m actually looking for a president to run things next year … I would hate it if such an amazing club went underground.”

Wright enjoys the time spent with friends during lunch. Senior Jaynie Lee agrees with Wright, and enjoys the warm, creative atmosphere. 

“It’s like having a little community where we can all crochet and hang out,” Lee said.

The club meets Tuesdays during lunch in room 401, and welcomes people at all levels of fiber art.

Lily Wilcox


Esmé Kessler | Staffer

Students Having A Fun Time Club (SHAFT)  is a new club this year that is based around, as the name suggests, having a fun time. Students meet and host icebreakers and team-building activities. The club hosts many different events to help promote stronger bonds between students and allow them to get to know one another, according to freshman co-presidents Anne Bromm and Lily Wilcox.

“Every week we have different events,” Bromm said. “We have a Kahoot about different people in SHAFT club, we had a candy salad day, we had capture the flag, and now we’re planning a scavenger hunt.”

Similar to Bromm, Willcox enjoys joining the fun social events through the club. According to Willcox, SHAFT is all about building a tight-knit community and creating a welcoming social environment.

“We really wanted to strengthen social bonds in the community,” Willcox said. “My dad did this at his old school, it’s like a tradition. We wanted to carry it on.”

The club is sponsored by SciTech teacher Timothy Villanueva and students meet every Wednesday in various locations around the school. SHAFT welcomes new students year-round and posts updates on the club’s Instagram @lasashaftclub.

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