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To college & beyond

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To college & beyond

Andy Degrasse, Staff Writer

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With the beginning of spring semester, upperclassmen at LASA are forced to think more seriously about their plans for after high school. For seniors, this often means deciding which college they want to attend after going through the long and difficult application process in the fall. For juniors like Ben Brutocao, this time of year means the beginning of ideas about their post high school plans.

“I’ve toured a few colleges, but I haven’t made any final decisions about which ones I’m going to apply to yet,” Brutocao said. “I think I probably will in the next couple months.”

College tours can be very influential in the decision making process, especially for seniors who have narrowed down their options to just a few different schools. Senior Audrey Davis has a few specific criteria she looks for when touring a college.

“The most important thing for me is the school’s atmosphere,” Davis said. “I try to pay attention to if the students are enjoying themselves, or are just constantly stressed. I think the atmosphere and feel of a school are just as important as its ranking and reputation.”

As the time to make the final decision grows closer and closer, seniors are rushing to try and visit all of their top choices in person, so that they can be fully confident in their decisions. For Davis and many of her fellow seniors, these last few visits are the final part of their decision.

“I’m visiting Rhodes College in a couple weeks, and I’m really interested to see the culture and the city of Memphis,” Davis said. “It’s one of my top choices, and who knows, maybe this visit will put me over the edge with my decision.”

While almost all LASA seniors plan to go to college next year, many of them have vastly different ideas of what they plan to study and pursue while there. Senior Kyle O’Rourke has a more relaxed approach to his planning for his studies.

“I know what I’m interested in, but I haven’t picked an exact subject,” O’Rourke. “I’m more interested in creative things than regular school subjects, so I’ll probably explore that more in college.”
While some students are still fleshing out their ideas, others already have fully formed ideas about what they want to do. Brutocao has had one career goal in mind since elementary school.
“I’ve always wanted to run my dad’s winery,” Brutocao said. “It’s been in my family for a few generations, and I know it would make my dad proud. I’m looking at business schools right now, because I think that would be the best education I could get to help run the business.”
Regardless of college or career choices, almost all LASA seniors will be in completely different environments this coming fall. In Davis’ opinion, there are both positives and negatives to this situation.

“On one hand, I’m looking forward to something completely new, and seeing a bunch of new faces,” Davis said. “But at the same time, It’s definitely gonna be painful to say goodbye to all of the friends that I’ve made over the last four years, and having to know I won’t see them as much.”
O’Rourke has a much more nonchalant outlook on saying goodbye to his friends.

“While it’ll definitely be sad to say goodbye, I know that me and my friends are close enough that we’ll still stay in touch, even if we’re going to schools that are really far away,” O’Rourke said.

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To college & beyond