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Next Year’s Cheer

Next Year's Cheer

Eve Nguyen, Staff Writer

May 8, 2020

A big part of LASA student culture is football games. At these football games, the cheerleading team contributes to the high-spirited atmosphere by getting the crowd excited and engaged. However, according to junior Audrey Trujillo, who has been on the LASA/LBJ cheerleading team since her sophomore...

Open Letter to LASA Seniors

Open Letter to LASA Seniors

Diya D'souza, Staff Writer

May 4, 2020

Dear Class of 2020, As recently as two months ago, I could never imagine that I would be here—sitting at my house on a Tuesday morning in the middle of April, pondering everything that my class would be doing as it vanishes into thin air. It is around this time when we would usually focus on senior...

LASA’s Athletic Recruitment Suffers Amid Split

photo by Emma McBride

Abigail Jackson, Staffer

April 24, 2020

Other high schools in Austin Independent School District (AISD) have the advantage of communicating with prospective athletes and planning for new additions to their athletic program because they know which middle schools their future students will come from. However, according to LASA’s new Athletic...

The Muse Behind the Music

The Muse Behind the Music

Zoe Klein, Finance Editor

April 22, 2020

“Hi Ari, I’m Ari.” Senior Ari Wagen stood behind a microphone in his bedroom, his walls plastered with concert posters and records, a family member sitting behind him on the electric guitar. He counted down from three and began to sing. After four minutes of singing, he stepped back and nodded...

Mascot Mania: LASA Mascot Unveiling and Reactions

Mascot Mania: LASA Mascot Unveiling and Reactions

Sophia Chau, Staffer

April 21, 2020

A crowd of students slowly enters a gym filled with navy table cloths, balloons and shirts that have all been brought in by cardboard boxes so as to not reveal their secrets. Throughout the gym, a cheer sounds as excited students wait to find out the future of their school. On Feb. 27, the LASA administration...

Q&A Spotlight, LASA’s New Athletics Coordinator Bryan Crews

Q&A Spotlight, LASA's New Athletics Coordinator Bryan Crews

Helena Lara, Sports Editor

April 17, 2020

Meet LASA’s new athletic coordinator, Bryan Crews. Crews will oversee and support head coaches throughout LASA and LBJ’s UIL split and as LASA moves to the Eastside Memorial campus in 2021. As athletic coordinator, Crews aims to not only lead LASA athletics through these transitions but also to elevate...

Electives: Beyond the Normal Choices

Diego Prozzi, Staffer

February 18, 2020

With elective choice sheets coming out, students are going to need to choose what electives they should sign up for. Unconventional electives available at LASA are engaging and help students learn in a more enjoyable way. This article explores possible options for LASA students. LASA has a large variety...

From the Screen to the Stage: Behind the Curtains of Legally Blonde: The Musical

Sophia Chau, Staffer

February 18, 2020

It is not always easy to fully appreciate something’s story just by looking at it. Just like you’d probably never know how your paper clips were made without extensive scientific research in the form of How It’s Made episodes, the same concept applies to musicals: it is hard to speak to the months...

The Competitive Nature of LASA

Wrenny Collamer, Staffer

February 18, 2020

LASA fosters a competitive environment, leading to a potential increase in stress for students. LASA’s competition and stress have both positive and negative aspects, but their comprehensive impacts need to be evaluated more closely on a personal and school-wide level. Throwing a group of academically...

The Breakup of the Year, LASA and LBJ UIL Split

Trevor Anderson, Copy Editor

January 15, 2020

In an effort to allow LASA and LBJ to form identities and expand their respective athletic programs before LASA’s move to the Eastside Memorial Early College High School campus in 2021, LBJ, administrators and district officials decided in November that LBJ and LASA’s athletic programs will completely...

Jags Diving Plunges Into Season

Jags Diving Plunges Into Season

Skylar Sidensol-Denero, Staffer

January 15, 2020

The LBJ dive team, although only comprised of 3 athletes, is racking up points for the Pool Jags Swim and Dive team. LBJ’s divers earned twenty points for the team at the Burnet Small School Invite on Saturday, Nov. 2. Athletes are working hard this season to improve their skills and rack up even more...

Mischief? We’ve Got It Managed

Ava De Leon, Staffer

January 15, 2020

This year’s fall play had a mix of drama, comedy and magic. The latest performance by the Alley Cat Players, LBJ’s theater group, gave audiences a taste of the Harry Potter World with their adaptation of the Off-Broadway musical “Puffs”. The world of Harry Potter has remained popular and commercially...

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