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Staff Stance: Partisan Politics

Staff Stance: Partisan Politics

Aaron Booe and Alec Lippman

April 13, 2020

America has become increasingly polarized with intense personal political divides that have seeped into virtually all aspects of our lives. According to the Harvard Political Review, half of all Republicans surveyed would be ‘somewhat or very unhappy’ if their child married a Democrat, along with...

Little known theaters

Austin Film Society (AFS), located in North Austin, is a nonprofit cinema started by Austin based director Richard Linklator. The cinema screens a variety of modern and classic films. photo by Helena Lara

Max Domel, Staff Writer

February 19, 2019

Besides the larger and more well-known movie theater chains populated throughout the city of Austin like the Alamo Drafthouse, iPic and Regal Cinemas, there exists another world lane of smaller, independent theaters that charm visitors with their attention to detail and individuality. The Austin Film...

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