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Frisbee tosses out old organization

Trevor Anderson, Sports Editor

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On MLK Day, the LASA Ultimate Frisbee team, the Vertikills, changed up their strategy in a unique way for that day’s tournament. According to LASA junior Patrick Connor, the Vertikills split into two teams, X and Y, to play in the tournament so that everyone had the opportunity to play.

Connor said the split happened solely because of the number of players the team had, which was caused by a renewed interest in the sport. In the sport, only seven people can play at a time. As a result, the Vertikill’s extensive roster made the split necessary. Connor believes the split actually made the program more competitive.

“In the recent tournament our two teams did better than they have ever done before,” Connor said. “The team I played for, Vertikills Y, went undefeated and beat every other team in Austin to win the tournament. Unfortunately, Vertikills X was in a four-way tie for second.”

The Vertikills Y team that Connor played for finished undefeated, while Vertikills X finished 4-2. Though the team had a chance to do well if they were one team, Connor believes it is ultimately better that everyone got playing time, especially early in the season.

“Although it is possible for us to have been more successful as one team, that would have been detrimental to the experience and play time that LASA frisbee is about,” Connor said.

Connor said a split into two teams has been implemented for a while, but the split is usually implemented only if there are too many people for just one team.

“The LASA Vertikills have been splitting into two teams since I began playing as a freshman,” Connor said. “This decision and each roster comes directly from the coaches and captains. Before the competitive season, the LASA Vertikills splits into an X and Y team during tournaments. X and Y are split as evenly as possible skill wise so that each team has the best chance to succeed. During the competitive season, we split into an A and B team which are split by skill.”

Connor said that the split hasn’t done much to divide the team, seeing as the teams are split evenly by skill, and the program still practices together during weekday practices.

“The split doesn’t really cause a shift in the team; both teams still practice together,” Connor said. “Unfortunately, it does interfere a little with team chemistry, but it increases play time.”

LASA senior and captain Kimmy Wilson thinks that the split is great for the team because it shows all of the interest and new players that program has attracted over the last few years.

“We did this because we have so many players this year, which is super awesome and the huge success at our first tournament made me pumped for the rest of the season,” Wilson said.

Connor believes there was a lot to learn from the previous tournament, despite the team’s resounding success. He thinks that the Vertikills have a good chance at a successful playoff run if they refine some of their shortcomings in the tournament.

“My biggest takeaways from the tournament are that the Vertikills need to improve their organization, execution, and intensity,” Connor said. “However, this recent tournament was one of the most exciting that I have played with the Vertikills.”

Connor’s confidence is shared by his teammates. Vertikills player and LASA sophomore Will Dicarlo thinks that the split will only strengthen the team by streamlining communication during games and practice.

“Our biggest strength is the fluidity of our offense,” Dicarlo said. “We are able to move the disc really well. Our weakness is probably a lack of solid communication, but all in all, we’re a pretty good team,” Dicarlo said.

Wilson believes the promising results from the tournament, especially the undefeated record by the Vertikills Y team, are cause for enthusiasm going into the latter half of the season. Wilson thinks that the team’s talent will propel them to the state tournament this year.

“I’m super excited to see us improve and based on this first tournament I think we have a good shot at state,” Wilson said.

Connor believes the split marks a monumental shift in the Vertikills organization. He thinks that the team’s future is very bright.

“This is definitely a new Vertikills, everyone is playing at a level that we haven’t seen in many years,” Connor said. “This year LASA will win the state title.”

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Frisbee tosses out old organization