Multiplayer Games Connect Students Over Quarantine

Juan Ramirez (JC) Delgadillo, Staff Writer

Being stuck at home for almost a year, social interaction would be very limited without things like phones or gaming devices.Online gaming has been a way many people could keep interacting with each other while being inside.

Some popular online games include Among Us, Minecraft, League of Legends and many more. Students like sophomore Joe Lopez enjoy these games because of the strategy that is involved.

“I enjoy playing League of Legends because of its strategic thinking and competitiveness.” Said Lopez. “But I’m always down for a round of Among Us due to its availability being on PC and mobile making it a fun time for everyone!”

Many students like sophomore Paul Blome enjoy a variety of games, but it mostly depends on what is going on in the moment.

“The games I enjoy can depend on the circumstances.” Said Blome. “When I’m alone on a laid back day, I enjoy playing open world sandbox games like minecraft. When I’m with friends, I enjoy playing multiplayer shooters and interactive games like Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, etc. Some games just aren’t fun playing solo.”

Gaming has not only been a major form of entertainment this quarantine but also its been a way friends connect with each other. Some people still connect through gaming as if nothing changed. Sophomore Darren Tea enjoys playing games like Roblox and Polytopia which allows him to connect with lots of people.

“These games present an opportunity to connect with my friends and have something to do instead of just talking.” Said Tea. “It allowed us to spend time together having a topic to focus on.”

Discord and many other voice call apps have allowed gamers to connect with each other. Online friends are the people who have been using these apps and now give a higher sense of community.

“To me, video games have really brought my friend group closer together, as it’s something that we can all relate to.” Said Blome. “A lot of us are socially awkward and aren’t very good at conversing, so it’s a good medium for us to stay in touch.”

In this time of uncertainty, games have allowed for people like Joe to relax and bring comfort.  

“Since quarantine is in place these games have allowed me to be closer to my friends without actually being there with them.” Said Lopez.  “It allows me a sense of comfort to hear their voices while having fun even though we are in a time of crisis.”

Quarantine has stopped lots of activities from taking place but even after quarantine would that affect the amount of time spent in games?

“Quarantine has definitely pushed me more towards online gaming due to most real life activities not being available.” Said Lopez. ”I’ve met some very cool people playing random online games and have made very good friendships out of them! You never know when you’re one queue away from finding that person or group you’re going to click with!”

Gaming even before quarantine has been connecting lots of people many games are easy just to pick up and understand and for those competitive players there are more complex games. Team games are a great way to get better at working as a team but also builds strong friendships.

“I play with a few different friend groups, and some of them I have met purely through online gaming.” Said Blome. “If not for me meeting them in a random match or game, I wouldn’t be able to count them as my friend today. Even people who I’ve met irl I’ve met due to our love of video games. It’s a way for us socially awkward kids to get the social interaction that we can’t really get at school.”

Overall multiplayer games are a great way to connect with other people. You can make new friends or strengthen bonds with a casual game of minecraft.