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Club Crazy: Volume 50, Edition 1

Club Crazy: Volume 50, Edition 1
Asha Rountree

Aircraft Club

Giovanni Alejo Aguilar | Staffer

The Aircraft Club, led by President and LASA freshman Daniel Canache, is a place for aviation enthusiasts to learn more about the field through hands-on learning experiences. This aviation focused club offers a blend of practical activities, like building airplanes, fostering camaraderie among members who share a passion for aviation. Canache, who is responsible for lesson management, assisting newcomers, and supply oversight, says that the club is a good way to learn about aircrafts. 

“The Aircraft Club offers several benefits, including the opportunity to learn about aviation, develop hands-on skills in aircraft modeling, and make new friends who share similar interests,” Canache said. 

 Canache envisions a future where the club continues to thrive. He believes that people should join the club for the sheer enjoyment it offers.

Sophomore Benjamin Stewart is also a member of Aircraft Club. Now, Stewart enjoys learning about different aspects of aviation while making planes. 

“I joined the club because I found the name intriguing,” Stewart said. “Club activities primarily involve building and flying model airplanes, providing an opportunity to learn about small aircraft like drones.”

Despite its modest membership, Stewart wishes for the club’s sustained success. He suggests joining the club out of curiosity or for those with an interest in aviation related concepts.

Aircraft Club meets on Thursdays during lunch in room 704.

Geoguessr Club

Bishop Britt | Staffer

Pinpointing a location that could be anywhere in the world can be difficult, but for a member of the Geoguessr Club, all it takes is 30 seconds of looking around and the click of a mouse. 

Abe Gamble, a sophomore at LASA and member of the Geoguessr Club, enjoys playing the game with his friends. Gamble says though the game is difficult, it’s fun to play.

“Geoguessr is a fun game where you get placed in a random spot on google maps,” Gamble said. “You have to use context clues, the environment, and signs to try and figure out where you are.” 

Though finding clues can be hard, the club’s officers and fellow members are there to help. Presentations made by officers like Krish Singh, a senior at LASA, provide an array of tips and tricks to members. 

“The presentations aren’t fully serious,” Singh said. “It’s just like we put some jokes and stuff in there, it makes it fun.”

Geoguessr club meets every Wednesday at lunch in Mr. Moody’s room, room 207, and is informal. Additionally, the club occasionally provides snacks for members.

Battle of the Books

Margot Morgan | Staffer

Battling has never been this fun. One of the book clubs at LASA, “Battle of the Books” (BoB), is the perfect combination of competition and activities. 

BoB is one of the several book clubs at LASA, with the club’s draw being a trivia competition against other high schools in AISD. Every year, all club members across the district read the same books and have a comprehension competition in late March about that year’s books (past selections include “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens and “The Inheritance Games” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes). This year will be LASA’s 4th year participating, with the team winning in both 2021 and 2022.

This competition has multiple fast-paced rounds of trivia, according to sophomore Eliza Hawley. The fierce environment is one of Hawley’s favorite parts of the club.

“I really loved doing the ones where it was a speed round,” Hawley said. “Because the team was just so competitive. And we’re all like, ‘Okay, we got to get this.’ And there’s a ton of candy on the table. So everyone’s just on a sugar high, just trying to cram all this information, but we got third place.”

Even with the competition aspect, it is a low-stakes club created to have fun while reading at the same time. Sophomore Wyatt Fenton, another past competitor, makes this clear by stressing the community that surrounds the club.

“I mean, it’s a great community,” Fenton said. “You don’t have to be a good reader and you don’t have to be a very avid reader to join the club. This is for anyone who enjoys a fun competition day.”

Elizabeth Switek, the sponsor of BoB and the LASA librarian, agrees that the club is a great place to unite book lovers. Switek has been the sponsor since LASA joined the competition six years ago.

“It’s just a really fun bookish competition,” Switek said. “Those of us in it really love it and it has a special place in our heart.”

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