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Club Crazy: Volume 50, Edition 2

Asha Rountree

Archery Club

Inanna Murgor | Staffer

An arrow whizzes towards a bullseye in the small gym. On the archery team, students can practice archery to compete across the district and in national competitions hosted by the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) before school, or gather during lunch to learn about archery. 

Sophomore Amelia McRoberts is one of the club’s officers. McRoberts likes that the archery club has options for people who are both interested in competing and playing recreationally. 

“If people are interested, they could come to the club so that way, they don’t have to come in early in the morning,” McRoberts said. Sophomore Simon Windler, a club member, enjoys practicing archery on the school team with their friends. Lindler has been in the club for two years and was happy to return this year. 

“[Archery is] a high commitment, but it’s not a super taxing commitment if that makes sense,” Windler said. “So it’s something I can do often without getting really annoyed.”

The club meets every Tuesday and Thursday before school in the small gym, and Wednesdays during lunch in room T116.

Horror Movie Club

Gordon Streber | Staffer

Students in Horror Movie Club gather in room 709 each Thursday to catch up with a hand-picked movie, from “It” to “Insidious”. Freshman Ari Durnal-Harry is a new member of the club. He finds it a great place to get together with friends to watch movies with classmates.

“It’s a nice experience because it’s hard to meet up with friends outside of school,” Durnal-Harry said. “My family doesn’t like horror movies, but I do, so it’s great for that too.”

Freshman Sadie Russell agrees. She usually finds horror movies daunting alone, but the club makes it more fun.

“I like the experience of being around people while they’re watching horror movies,” Russell said. “… It makes it much easier for me to indulge in horror.”

The club started watching “American Psycho” on Nov. 9. To join the club, walk in at the beginning of the club and pick up a form for your parents and you to sign. You can reach the club at [email protected].

Volunteering Service Club

Bishop Britt | Staffer

Volunteering for those in need alongside friends is what Volunteering Service Club (VT Seva) is all about. Since freshman year in 2021, junior Arihanth Nuka has run the VT Seva club, dedicating his time to helping the underprivileged.

“We … give back to all kinds of causes, such as for breast cancer, visually impaired students, and many other people with disabilities,” Nuka said. 

Junior Isaac Padilla-Rie joined the club earlier this year and has been enjoying volunteering. Among the events he’s done, Beats for A Cause was his favorite.

“We helped set it up and watched the amazing performances they did and overall it was just a great experience,” Padilla-Rie said.

According to its members, being an outlet to give back to the community isn’t the only reward given. One of the club’s officers, junior Shaan Barman, is working to get the Presidential Award.

“Even if you have a one-liner resume, the Presidential Award looks really good on it,” Barman said.

 The club meets every Tuesday in Ms. Weems’s room, T204.

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