Best Netflix originals

Emma McBride, Staff Writer

The following statistics are taken from a select group of 9th grade LASA students who submitted answers to a survey.

TV Shows
1. “Stranger Things” (26.4%)- In a small town in Pennsylvania, word gets around that a young boy has gone missing due to unknown circumstances. At first it may seem like a normal police investigation, but his friends aren’t so sure.

2.Queer Eye (10%)- Rebooting the early 2000s Bravo series “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, “Queer Eye” is reality program about a team of five gay men (the “fab five”) who help a straight man get their life together.

3.”Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” (5.5%)- After a group of women are rescued from an underground doomsday cult, they are not sure what to do with their lives. The women, only having an eighth grade education, are going to soon return to their hometown of Durnsville , Indiana. After running through her options, rescued woman Kimmy Schmidt decides to retreat to New York, and figure her life out from there.

4.”Ozark” (5.5%) Financial planner and father Marty Byrde moves his family from their Chicago suburb to Osage Beach in Ozark, Missouri. He must compensate for a laundering scheme that went awry by setting up a larger laundering scheme with a Mexican drug cartel.

5.”Voltron” (2.7%)- In the future, 5 people discover 5 mechanical lions that come from space. In a crazy adventure, they learn that the lions form a massive robot: Voltron. But the universe needs Voltron more than ever, to fight the evil Lord Zarkon, the cruel leader of the Galra, an alien race bent on universal domination.

Other (49.1%)

1.”To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” (12.7%) A girl writes love letters to her past crushes, knowing no one would ever see them. Until one day the letters are are delivered to their separate addressees, and everything changes.

2.”BRIGHT” (4.5%)- In a fantasy realm in present day, an orc, a human, and two police officers fight enemies on night patrol and protect a female fairy and a vital relic, trying as hard as they can to maintain some sort of peace.

3.”The After Party” (3.6%)- Owen, a local rapper, thinks his life is over once a video is released of him having a seizure on stage. But, after his friend, Jeff, gets him into an afterparty, where he is guaranteed a solid record deal, he thinks his life life can be turned around.

4.”The True Memoirs of an Internal Assassin” (3.6%)- Author Sam Larson writes a book about a hired killer, which his publisher falsely interprets as a nonfiction story, in hopes that will appeal more to the general public. An assassin kidnaps Larson, after he is lead to believe that he could potentially help him with his assassination plot.

5.”The Kissing Booth” (2.7%)- Elle, a teenage girl, and her friend, Warren, need to come up with an idea for a booth at the carnival. They decide that the best way to earn the money they need would be a kissing booth, unaware of the drama that will be caused by this decision.

Other (76.82%)