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Chinese club's members pose for a photo. photo by Max Domel

Chinese club's members pose for a photo. photo by Max Domel

Chinese club's members pose for a photo. photo by Max Domel

Chinese club's members pose for a photo. photo by Max Domel

Max Domel, Staff Writer

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Chinese Club members in Portable 14A cook steaming hot cups of ramen, socialize with friends, and learn about Chinese culture every Thursday.

Chinese Club at LASA was started in 2015. Chinese teacher and club sponsor Valerie Zhong said the goal was to create an opportunity for all students, Chinese-speaking or not, to come together and learn about Chinese culture. During club meetings, they eat many types of food, celebrate Chinese holidays and have language tutoring for students taking Chinese at LASA.

The club participates in holidays such as Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival for which members prepare various traditional foods, make posters, and have student-led performances. The club also goes on a field trip every year.

Chinese Club Treasurer Fan Wu said the club attracts members who do not know much about Chinese culture and others that just want to try the foods and relax and make friends.

“There are members who are here because they would like to learn more about Chinese culture and participate in cultural events and activities,” Wu said. “There are members who are coming once in a while for food…and there are members who come because it’s a nice, chill place to hang out with friends, which we support because we want to create a community where club members feel comfortable coming and just chatting.”

Wu said Chinese Club impacts its members and visitors the most through the creation of smaller communities within the club which involve different types of students.

“That consists of students who are interested in learning more about Chinese culture, students who already have some knowledge but will gladly participate in cultural activities because they find it enjoyable, Chinese class students who are seeking tutoring, and students who just like the atmosphere of Chinese club and bring their friends to hang out together.”

A member who recently joined Chinese Club, Jichuan Li, said that everyone is friendly at the club.

“I joined because my friend told me it was pretty fun and there is food,” Li said. “Also the culture and meeting new people.”

Another member who recently joined Chinese Club, Wei Wu, said he was inspired to join by his heritage and that he gets an opportunity to be part of that culture at LASA.

“I came from China when I was three and I didn’t get to experience much,” Wu said. “Here I can experience it and have fun.”

Zhong said Chinese Club is important for making students more connected to other cultures.

“It’s important for students at LASA to be global citizens and to know cultures from other parts of the world,” Zhong said. “I think it’s very important for people from different areas to know each other and if you know the culture, you understand each other better.”

Zhong said she is very happy with the club’s progression, but encourages more students to come by and have a great experience.

“I’m really excited,” Zhong said. “I hope we attract more students to join our club. You don’t have to know Chinese language. Everyone is welcome so we hope they join us and have fun, too.”