Looking for extracurriculars? Join the club

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Looking for extracurriculars? Join the club

Members of Super Smash Compadres settle down with their controllers to play Super Smash Bros. photo by Jorge Villa

Members of Super Smash Compadres settle down with their controllers to play Super Smash Bros. photo by Jorge Villa

Members of Super Smash Compadres settle down with their controllers to play Super Smash Bros. photo by Jorge Villa

Members of Super Smash Compadres settle down with their controllers to play Super Smash Bros. photo by Jorge Villa

Ainsley Freeman, Staff Writer

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Super Smash Compadres

Super Smash Bros. is a series of crossover fighting video games first created by Nintendo in 1999. Smash Bros. contains characters from all types of Nintendo games, like “Mario,” from the games of the same name, or Link, from the “Legend of Zelda” series. Super Smash Compadres is a club dedicated to this games series. Created in 2012, the club focuses on creating an ideal environment for gamers. Perfect for any video-game-playing LASA student, Super Smash Compadres is open to all. Junior Maki Cardenas is Super Smash Compadres’ secretary.

“We have a reputation as being a prime example of LASA’s nerd culture,” Cardenas said. “We play Super Smash Bros almost religiously.”

Members of Super Smash Compadres often play in the white hallway, meeting every lunch and sometimes even after school. All technology for the club is brought by students, including Wiis, monitors, projectors and controllers.

“All our equipment comes from the members of the club,” Cardenas said. “Two of us bring Wiis to school, and another brings a monitor and projector.”

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, set to be released in Dec. is the fifth installment of the Super Smash Bros. series. Designed for Nintendo Switch, Ultimate will be a brand-new experience for the club members. Junior Zen Farris is excited for the new addition of the game series.

“Everybody is super excited for the release of the new Smash Bros. on Dec. 7th 2018,” Farris said. “An entire new wave of smash competition and strategy is just on the horizon.”

When: Every day, mornings and lunch

Where: White hallway


LASA Research In Math (RIM) Club is a brand-new club focusing on pursuing a deeper understanding of math. Junior Priya Malhotra founded the club because of her passion for mathematics.

“I shared the idea with Ms. Sarah Harrelson in Spring of 2017,” Malhotra said. “Finally, it has materialized now in Fall 2018.”

Last year, Malhotra participated in a Directed Reading Program in Math at the University of Texas at Austin (UT). Malhotra said this was when her passion for mathematics saw the light.

“I wanted to bring the same kind of directed reading program here at LASA,” Malhotra said. “so that [students] interested in exploring what research could be like in the future could get a head start.”
Malhotra contacted UT mathematics professor Dr. Rachel Ward, who visits the club often to give insight and guidance in their mathematical endeavors. Her first visit was on Sep. 21.

“She gave a very interesting talk and discussed about research in math and ‘introduction to graph theory,” Malhotra said. “We are very grateful to have Dr. Ward visit us and guide us.”

Currently, RIM has 18 registered members who are also interested in mathematics. Ward has given them valuable insight into mathematics and graph theory, which will continue over the planned 14 meetings this school year.

“We hope … that in the years to come [RIM] evolves and grows,” Malhotra said. “We hope that students explore more in depth and benefit from engaging with a university professor.”

When: Every other Friday

Where: Room P12B (Harrelson)

Junior Priya Malhotra speaks to LASA Research in Math (RIM) club about graph theory during a meeting. photo by Helena Lara

Visual Arts Club

LASA juniors Nabeeha Ghani, Tiffany Nguyen and Liberator Social Media Editor Aaron Booe founded Visual Arts Club one year ago, with the aim at the more artistically and creatively inclined members of LASA. The club focuses on exploring journalism, modelling and photography as a means of creating a dynamic analysis of understanding the youths of today. Visual Arts Club pursues the creation of a magazine that highlights various aspects of teenage society and culture.

“The Visual Arts Club uses a magazine as a means of providing its members with an creative outlet to comment and share their opinions about culture with like-minded individuals to express themselves,” Nguyen said.

According to Nguyen, who handles the graphic design aspect of the magazine, the primary purpose of the club is to present students with an opportunity to positively channel their thoughts and abilities. The club is aimed at any models, artists, photographer, and commentators interested in having their voices heard.

“When I was creating this club, my main focus was: how can I present others like myself with an way to seriously express themselves artistically and intellectually, something I don’t find in many clubs offer,” Nguyen said.

Visual Arts Club incorporates arts and focuses on having the voices of each individual member heard.

“LASA never felt like a liberal arts school,” Nguyen said. “When I came, it felt like there was a underappreciation of kids who didn’t like math or science. So, me and a few others decided that we would create a space for non STEM kids.”

When: Thursday during lunch
Where: Art Room (Hewitt)