Investing in their futures

Alex Winter, Staff Writer

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The money is flying and spirits are high at Investing Club. According to CNBC, everyone should be investing in some sort of fashion, whether it be micro investments or larger investments in the stock market. Investing Club hopes to teach people how to do this in high school so that students can carry it on through their lives.

Seniors Kendall Kucera and Rajan Topiwala and junior Kalen Bhatka started Investing Club at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year to get people interested in the stock market. Since the club’s inception, several people have expressed their interest in stocks, according to Kucera

“Investing is one of the most valuable life skills you can learn,” Kucera said. “Everyone wants to have a good job and make money, but many don’t know anything about their options when it comes to managing and investing that money for the future. The earlier you start investing, the better you’ll have a nest egg that will grow throughout your life.”

Kucera said he has always been interested in strategy games and making money. When he discovered the stock market, he instantly became intrigued because it was the best of both worlds.

“I’ve been interested in the stock market for a while and enjoy looking at charts and finding patterns,” Kucera said. “I wanted to provide anyone with the opportunity to start investing as its both a valuable life skill and is fun.”

Bhatka thought that the club could benefit everyone as well.

“I thought that by co-starting investment club, other people at LASA with the same difficult schedules and passion for business and commerce could get together to learn and discuss investment opportunities that could benefit us all short term or long term,” Bhatka said. “Additionally, I thought that by investing my money in the right stocks and companies, I could sustain a passive income which would allow me to focus on academics while still making a decent amount of money.”

Bhatka is able to manage his school schedule and make money thanks to investing club. To make money in the stock market, you only have to purchase some stocks and let them sit and collect value. This allows for owners of stocks to make money without being tied down to long commitments of time like a work schedule.

“We have a Discord server where I and other stock traders post what stocks we’re buying and why,” Kucera said. “You can learn patterns, terminology or discuss anything related to the market. We currently have 34 members in our Discord server. I’ve answered numerous questions from members, providing in depth explanations of how things work and what my opinions are.”

Most of the members in investing club are new to investing and are interested in learning. Kucera and Bhatka work as mentors to the members and guide them and their decisions to help them learn. He highly encourages anyone who is interested in the stock market or spotting patterns to join the club and see what it’ is all about. Since the members of the club are putting real money into the stock market, the club leaders teach about every option available.

“Many of our members are just starting out in the market and are learning the ropes with our help,” Kucera said. “We discuss how to get started with investment as well as various trading strategies. This includes discussing options, day trading, swing trading and long term investments. We discuss and analyze specific stocks using both technical and fundamental analysis, explaining it in a way that anyone could understand.”

Club members have already benefited from their time in the club. For example, Kucera has been able to use the money he has made to take on new business ventures.

“Thanks to my investments, my friend Jorge and I were able to start a clothing brand called Grandioso,” Kucera said. “I’ve used some of my stock returns to jumpstart the brand. It’s important to keep a nest egg for the future as I have, but you also need to invest in yourself and your passions which is what I’m doing with this brand.”