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The student-run newspaper of the Liberal Arts and Science Academy

The Liberator

The student-run newspaper of the Liberal Arts and Science Academy

The Liberator

photo by Edith Holmsten 
graphic by Kayla Le

Gen Z: The Lockdown Generation

LiLi Xiong, student life editor August 20, 2022

Content Warning: Article contains accounts of gun violence. There hasn’t been a week in 2022 without a mass shooting. The Buffalo supermarket shooting in New York left 10 dead and three injured. The...

Students Apply For Study Abroads Across the Globe

Sarah Garrett, Staff Writer May 5, 2022

Many students participate in studying abroad as a way for students to immerse themselves in a new culture. After two years of travel being limited due to COVID-19, some students are going on study abroad...

Senior Reflections on the Year

Nayan Kondapalli, Staff Writer May 5, 2022

The LASA Class of 2022 seniors had a different four years in high school than they expected. Their sophomore and junior year were both affected by COVID-19, which meant many juniors missed many academic...

Ready, Set, Release the Robots: Robotics Team’s First Competitions Since March 2020

Ava Spurgeon, Staff Writer May 5, 2022

Purple Haze, LASA’s resident robotics team, attended their first competitions since 2020 this spring. Their first one was in Channelview on March 12 and 13, followed by a competition in Amarillo the...

PALS Upperclassmen Volunteer At Elementary Schools

Lana Giles, Staff Writer May 5, 2022

Twice a week, upperclassmen go to elementary schools during third period and organize activities with younger students. Their trips are coordinated with the Peer Assistance, Leadership, and Service (PALS)...

IN- DEPTH: Facing Diversity at LASA

Edith Holmsten and Ava De Leon May 5, 2022

In a small town in Minnesota in 1970, four schools with special focuses were founded with the intent of gathering students from all over greater Minneapolis into a learning environment that defied the...

An Analysis of AI: How Algorithms Affect Teens

aurna mukherjee, Club Contributor May 5, 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI), or the simulation of human intelligence processed by machines, is used in many aspects of students’ life, including their communication with friends and social platforms....

Study Buddies

Sophie Chau, Staffer May 1, 2022

A flurry of activity signals the end of another day as students rush out the doors to get home and get on with their lives at home. Some students, however, go to study halls to get extra assistance in...

How LASA’s Student Council Serves Fellow Teens

mairin bachschmid, Club Contributor March 28, 2022

Silver streamers sparkle and balloons float towards the ceiling as LASA’s Student Council (StuCo) decorates the cafeteria for the school dance. In addition to planning school dances, the council is responsible...

New Mural Splatters LASA With School Spirit

Fiona Kleeman, Staff Writer March 28, 2022

The mural club is a way to add a pop of color to the school as well as earning National Honors Society (NHS) hours along the way. The club’s first mural is on the wall outside of the newspaper classroom,...

EMT Students Train to Be First Responders

Ava Spurgeon, Staff Writer March 28, 2022

Every “A” Day, a small group of students commute to the LBJ Early College High School (LBJ ECHS) campus for a double-blocked period of Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training. This class promises...

Diversity Council Coordinates and Curates Culture Day

Sarah Garrett, Staff Writer March 28, 2022

The LASA-exclusive Culture Fest is a half day dedicated to learning about other cultures. On Feb. 2, students had the opportunity to listen to different speakers, engage in various activities, and learn...

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