The Beginning of the End – Senior Traditions Around LASA


Ava DeLeon, Staff Writer

For some seniors at LASA, their last year in high school is the last leg in a long race of numerous challenges. As a way to commemorate their education career, LASA seniors have lots of traditions that occur every year to celebrate their final high school year.

Seniors decorate their cars and attend football games as a way to celebrate the year. There are many ways that seniors get involved with the school spirit. Before school started, some students took part in pre-senior year traditions. Among these people was LASA senior Cora Tien.

“The girls all decorate their cars to be ‘senior queens’ and then there’s also an order of senior jerseys that go out so that everyone can match on the same day,” Tien said. “On the first day of school each year, there’s a theme. For our senior year we changed it to be glow themed. We decorated the halls with neon and we handed out glow sticks to the freshmen.”

On the first day of school, the halls were decorated with colored paper on the lights and streamers around the doorways. For seniors, football games are an important part of their final year. Section leaders, the students down on the football field, have the job of getting the student section revved up and excited about the football game. This position always goes to two or three seniors every year. Another benefit that twelfth graders get at football games is front row priority in the student section. LASA senior Ava Longi enjoys attending football games.

“I’d say the biggest benefit of being a senior is getting to be in the front row at football games because you get to be in the middle of everything,” Longi said. “It’s fun to see all the school pride come out at the games.”

One tradition throughout the school is the senior pranks. In previous years seniors have done pranks from water days to tailgates in the parking lot. Sometimes even teachers are the victims of pranks. In one year the seniors hosted a senior assembly to announce the retirement of an administrator by the name of Mr. Hernandez, when in reality he wasn’t actually retiring. Students are already brainstorming possible ideas for pranks this year and are looking for ways to top the previous years. Senior class Vice President Avik Ahuja is in charge of getting the pranks approved by the principal.

“I know that every year there’s always some pranks that go down,” Ahuja said. “There’s multiple pranks and I just didn’t think they were very good last year so this year I’m trying to organize a prank that’s more exciting.”

Even though the school year has barely started, senioritis has already come. Senioritis is what people call the ‘sickness’ that comes with the bittersweet feeling of leaving LASA.

“We definitely have one foot out the door,” Ahuja said. “We’ve already started to feel a little bit of senioritis. I know that a lot of people have and I think by second semester a lot of people are just going to stop caring. I think that a lot of people are just excited for graduation. We’ve been waiting for over twelve years for this.”