Editor’s Picks: Holiday Movies

The Polar Express 

JC Ramirez Delgadillo

The Polar Express is a Christmas movie that came out on november 10, 2004, The film, directed by Robert Zemeckis is about a nameless boy who rides a magical train that’s headed to the north pole on christmas eve to visit Santa Claus. The message of the movie is about self-discovery. During the movie the boy is trying to discover whether or not he believes in Santa Claus. This movie is the first feature length film that used performance capture software for all of the characters. I have had many good memories with this movie. The soundtrack is very memorable and upbeat making for good songs to have stuck in your head during the holidays. Many Christmas parties in elementary school would have this movie playing in the background so I remember watching this movie as a little kid enjoying hot chocolate and cookies, sitting with friends on the floor while we waited thrilled for the beginning of winter break. This movie is one of my favorite holiday movies of all time holding a place in my heart for being a part of my Christmas traditions.


High School Musical

Sarah Garrett

“High School Musical,” a movie not traditionally associated with the holidays, but I disagree. The opening scene of “High School Musical” takes place on New Year’s Eve, therefore, in my opinion, making it a holiday movie. Thankfully, the rest of  “High School Musical” embodies many winter holiday themes as well: love, music, family, and friends. Disney Channel’s “High School Musical” was released on 20 January, 2006. For anyone who has not had the pleasure of watching the wonderfully ridiculous film, “High School Musical” focuses on the intricate relationship between teens Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez. Troy is a music-loving jock and Gabriella is a music-loving nerd. Meeting at a New Year’s Eve party on vacation, they were bound to fall in love, but were in the unfortunate situation of having to go home. But after that fateful New Year’s Eve party, Gabriella and Troy found themselves at the same high school, navigating new hobbies, relationship drama, and of course, the high school’s musical. Embodying friendship, forgiveness, and family tradition, what more is there to love from a musical, idealized version of high school-centered New Year’s movie.



Norah Hussaini

Not many films are able to encapsulate and utilize the humor in absolute stupidity, but the 2003 film Elf, does it so skillfully and with a little extra Christmas flair. Played by Will Ferell, the protagonist of the movie is the extravagant and energetic Buddy the Elf. After being raised in the North Pole with Santa and the rest of the elves, Buddy has a hard time adapting to the hustle and bustle of the gleaming metropolis that is New York City, where he goes to find his true father. As a grown man dressed in an elf costume with extremely fitted red tights and a hat to match, Buddy immediately draws eyes and stares. Pair this with his bubbly, eccentric, and sometimes a little too loud personality, and you get lots of odd meals, a couple corporate mistakes, and one big rager in the mailroom. This film will inspire a childlike wonder and nostalgia, similar to the feelings that Buddy radiates.


Dash and Lily

Katie Busby

While not technically a movie, my holiday pick is “Dash and Lily”, a limited series released on Netflix in 2020 consisting of eight episodes that follow the two main characters, Dash and Lily. Based on the book written by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, the premise of the show starts when Lily’s parents announce that they will not be home for christmas. Heartbroken and yearning for someone to share the holidays with, Lily ends up placing a notebook in the Strand in New York City with a series of clues in it, in the hopes someone who loves Christmas as much as her
will notice it. The notebook is picked up by her polar opposite, Dash, a cynic who hates Christmas but decides to play along. They trade the notebook back and forth, hiding it in places around New York, falling in love while never having met each other, and learning to appreciate the world through the other’s perspective. This show is a cute feel good rom com set in the beautiful scene of New York at Christmas time.