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Go-to Drink Orders

Katie Busby -Entertainment Editor


When I was younger I thought I would never like coffee. I took a sip of my dad’s and promptly declared it was nasty and said that no matter what he said, even when I grew up, I wouldn’t enjoy it. As much as I hate to admit it, I was wrong. I’m still not a fan of black coffee, and I prefer espresso to drip, but there is something about the bitterness of coffee mixed with other flavors that I really love. The caffeine is definitely a plus too with everything I have to get done. I do love a novelty latte or a seasonal drink with long names and weird ingredients because it’s just fun, but I do have some standard orders I fall back on. I love mochas and frequent Bennu coffee for the atmosphere as well as the way the

Graphic by Sarah Garrett

chocolate flavor mixes with the similar flavor of the coffee in a delightful way. I also enjoy a vanilla latte, the lighter and sweet flavor of the vanilla mixing with the milk and acting as a foil to the flavor of the coffee creating a very comforting drink. Iced or hot in a multitude of flavors I have come to really love this drink and I am ultimately glad I was proved wrong. 




LiLi Xiong -Student Life Editor


Some say home is where the heart is, but I say home is where the boba is. It’s not just a drink. It’s the boba experience. It’s the boba community. It’s a chance to flex your creative muscles as you ponder which toppings to add to which drink. My drink order varies from time to time, but my rule-of-thumb is to order the drink that looks the most unique to the shop I’m at. It does go without saying, though, that you can do no wrong with a classic matcha milk with boba. Even though the satisfaction of stabbing the plastic covering of the boba with my straw is immeasurable, and the contrast between squishy syrupy tapioca balls and creamy milk tea is heavenly, boba also carries memory. I remember drinking taro boba after workouts. I remember using FoodPanda (the Taiwanese equivalent of Uber Eats / Grubhub) to order lemon tea boba to school. I remember going to a boba store in Berlin almost every day last summer, much to the scrutinization of my friends. Above all, I remember that in Taiwan, boba is five times less expensive than it is here, and I cry.


Norah Hussaini -Commentary Editor


Sweet. Simple. Sour. Lemonade. Strawberry flavored, raspberry flavored, prickly pear flavored. From Starbucks or homemade, from a stand on the side of the street or slid across the counter with a couple refreshing ice cubes clinking against the sides of the glass. The most revitalizing beverage when a drop of sweat rolls down the back of your neck after a walk, the sun beats into your burned shoulders at the beach, and the myriad of mosquito bites that litter your legs itch at summer camp is a tall glass of lemonade. The condensation forms rings on the countertop and cools flushed cheeks when pressed against them. The simple combination of a glass of water, a twist of lemon, a spoonful of sugar, and frigid ice is hard to botch, and I often find myself throwing together a glass for a pick me up no matter the season, throwing in any combination of fresh fruit for extra zing. Pineapple? Sure. Peach? Why not? Pomegranate? Sounds good to me. Kiwi? Maybe not kiwi. The timeless beverage brings back memories of grass stains and freezing Deep Eddy water, kites and the Zilker air. Besides the fact that kiwi lemonade would be slightly nauseating, the drink can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. 


Sarah Garrett -Entertainment Editor


Whether it is hot or cold, rainy or dry, tea has always had my back. Teas in every form have helped me through many occasions. Peppermint teas have soothed my sore throat during flu season, chamomile has calmed my mind during nights when I can’t sleep. Even gas station teas, which I have triumphantly grabbed from the depths of the refrigerated beverage area, have provided me with some form of happiness on long family road trips. My favorite tea, however, is masala chai. My introduction to chai was tainted by an airport, and while I should have known that buying any sort of hot beverage in an airport would be a risky move, I didn’t listen to my conscience and

Graphic by Sarah Garrett

was taken aback by the scalding and watered down beverage. However, when I was traveling with my parents and we stopped in a little Indian restaurant,  my perspective changed. The chai I ordered was warm and fragrant, a beautiful blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom, so because of that forever-impactful experience, I will always order chai at a cafe, be it hot, cold, or in-between. Even though it won’t be quite as amazing as the restaurant’s tea, I am happy to say my go-to drink order is chai.