Blue skies for Lip Dub


Photo taken from the previous LASA lip dub in 2017. Students gather around the Texas statue as the final shot of the video. courtesy of Advanced AVP

Catie Graves, Staff Writer

Once every two years LASA is thrown into carefully organized disarray. The schedule is changed. Elaborate tableaux stand motionless. The school is decorated and kids line the halls, stairwells, and sidewalks, ready to do their part.

The LASA lip dub is biannual occurrence at LASA. This year is a lip dub year, and it will take place April 3. The LASA lip dub is an event in which the Advanced AVP class shoots a video of LASA students lip syncing to a specially chosen song and walking through the hallways to show off the school, different clubs, sports, and activities. Students line the hallways and classrooms, usually in an entertaining and carefully choreographed way to showcase their chosen activity. The lip dub is planned and directed by the Advanced AVP class. Planning for this event started early on in the school year. Concept ideas were thrown around and discussed in class.

According to LASA senior and this year’s lip dub director, Ava Ponder, choosing a concept — and song — takes a long time.

“We want the message to be clean, we like an upbeat happier song but one of the really big things that we pay attention to is variety,” Ponder said.

The last lip dub, set to The Killers’ “All These Things That I Have Done” was the most viewed in LASA lip dub history, especially since it was shared on Twitter by the band. According to Ponder, this year’s lip dub will be a bit different. This year’s song is “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra. Ponder said she plans to do something new and not just remake the 2017 lip dub.

“We’re going to try to focus more on LASA stereotypes, quirky LASA things and ways kids have fun,” Ponder said.

The underclassmen and students graduating in 2021 and 2022 have not been in a lib dub. However, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the event in the freshman and sophomore class. Sophomore Sachin Allums said that he is looking forward to the lip dub because the others ones have been so good.

“I am really excited because it is a great experience for all grade levels to participate in and enjoy,” Allums said.

It’s not just the director working on the creation and production of the lip dub. All of the Advanced AVP students help make the lip dub possible. Senior Kimmy Wilson is one of the members of the Advanced AVP class and a member of the lip dub “crew.” She said that it’s insane to see how much work it takes to pull it off.

”This year being a part of AVP it’s just crazy how much planning we have to do for this, all the things that could go wrong,” Wilson said. “There’s so many little things you have to think about and so many little things you have to plan.”

Ponder said that the LASA lip dub is the one school event that everyone participates in, and it really promotes school unity and pride. The lip dub is one of the ways people are introduced to LASA and the school’s culture.

“I think it’s a really good way to show people what LASA is, what life is like here and how much fun we can have here even though it is a rigorous school,” Ponder said.