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McKenzi Popper, Staff Writer

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Low Key A Capella
When: Mondays and Fridays at lunch
Where: Room 174 (Lewis)

Lowkey A Capella club gives students the opportunity to sing their favorite pop hits without instruments and provides them with a supportive group that shares a love of singing.

A Capella involves using solely your voice to make sounds that would generally be produced through instruments, a mixing console or DJ table. Instruments aren’t used at all during A Capella club, so the club members work together in correlation with their beatboxer to figure out how to create instrumental and techno sounds. Senior and co-president Maggie Walker is a third year officer and encourages people to join the club for the music and community.

“I would encourage other people to join A Capella, because not only is it really fun but it’s a really, really interesting way of music,” Walker said. “I think not a lot of people really know about it.”

A Capella is a group activity because often times the group sings in unison during practice and performances. Freshman Suhun Kim found that the club serves as a fun, less structured way to sing with his friends outside of choir class.

“I like singing and they said they covered a lot of pop songs and also we don’t get to sing a lot of pop songs in choir, so I thought A Capella would be fun,” Kim said.

Despite the time commitment of being co-president, Walker willingly offers her time because she passionately loves singing.

“I love it! I never feel like it’s a chore,” Walker said.

The club gives students, such as freshman Devon Hobbs, the opportunity to sing popular songs with friends who are as passionate about music as they are.

“It’s just a really good opportunity to sing with a lot of people who love music,” Hobbs said.

Dungeons and Dragons
When: Wednesdays at lunch
Where: Room 20 (Owens)

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) club is a popular game and activity played by students wishing to engulf themselves in the mythical world of knights and dragons.

In D&D club, students roll dice to determine their fate in a land of the dungeon master’s very own creation. In each game, the students make choices and roll dice to stay alive and continue on their quest. LASA’s dungeon master, freshman Gabriel Brown, builds and develops worlds and monsters for dungeons and dragons club. The club accepts anyone and any number of people who want to join. Freshmen Max Miller and Summer Henson are new members of D&D club.

“It’s a lot of parts, but basically, it’s just kind of telling a story and then trying to act out what a person would do in that story,” Miller said.

According to Miller, the game distracts and relaxes students away from school-related stress.

“It’s a great way to unwind and destress,” Henson said.

In addition to serving as a way to destress, it is also unique to other clubs and activities at LASA because it allows students the opportunity to create, act out and fulfill their own stories and adventures.

“It’s a good way to escape from normal last activities… and to meet new people,” Brown said.

Miller said D&D club serves as a sanctuary to any students willing to play or observe matches and welcomes students wanting to enter a land of adventure.

“It’s a lot of fun, you make a lot of friends, and it’s not super structured, but it’s definitely a good place to hang out,” Miller said.

When: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at lunch
Where: Room 16 (Edwards)

Choreopop K-pop Dance Club offers a fun alternative to a regimented dance class or club. Members dance, perform and bond over their shared love of Korean pop (K-pop) music and dance.

The dance club practices three times a week in order to recreate K-pop dance video choreography. The club has several performances per year, including Coffee House, K-pop Night, and the Trail of Lights. K-pop Night is an event at which K-pop clubs from several different schools in the district perform for one another. Senior Fan Wu noted the unique style of K-pop.

“You can’t really dance like this to another genre of music,” Wu said.

All of the club’s members come together to decide on a song and dance for each of their events. The club captains learn the choreography for each dance and then teach it to the club.

“I like how the leaders are always prepared and ready to teach the dance… [and] the feeling of being able to perform with my teammates,” Wu said. “It’s just a good bonding experience with them.”

K-pop is unique to different genres of music because it is a mixture of several different genres of generally fast-paced music. Additionally, along with having a distinct melody, K-pop songs have fun or emotional dances that the club then recreates. Senior and founder Sumin Choi said the club is very free-form.

“You have so many choices and you don’t have to stick with one genre,” Choi said.

This club’s time commitment produces a tight-knit and supportive club and group of dancers. LBJ sophomore Kelly Sweeney said she appreciates the club.

“Getting friends, going through hardships together, and learning a dance together is really fun,” Sweeney said.

Sweeney encourages all dancers and students considering joining K-pop dance club to have fun with dancing to K-pop.

“Just dance your heart out!” Sweeney said.