Get Involved in Clubs

Sophia Blaha, News Editor

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With over 70 different clubs and 15 sports teams, LASA students have a wide array of extracurricular activities available to them to explore current interests or develop new passions. If a club doesn’t exist, LASA students can simply register for a new extracurricular by filling out the form in the main office and can gain members by advertising their new club over morning announcements. Given these opportunities, every student has the opportunity to get involved in something they’re interested in and to find others who share their interests.

While some sports teams are more competition-based and require going through tryouts to be placed on the team, many teams and clubs are open to any student to join. Every LASA student must take two semesters of a P.E. credit, so LASA has developed diverse sports teams that can cater to everyone’s interests and abilities. Senior Zeeshan Yazdani is a member of the LASA track team, one of the sports that does not require tryouts.

“Track season starts in the spring semester, and anyone can walk on the team,” Yazdani said. “When we go to meets and events it gets a little more competitive, but even with that extra pressure, track is really still a sport for everyone.”

Yazdani believes that participating in track and in sports in general took the emphasis off of academics in a unique way and allowed him to get away from the stress of school. He also believes being a part of the track team helped him to find a community and meet other people with similar interests and skills, especially with long, hot hours of practice that bring the team closer together.

“I started track mostly for the P.E. credit, because running track was something I was good at and was something that would help me stay in shape, but I kept going to practice because of the team,” Yazdani said.

Depending on the team’s success, most sports only practice for three or four months. While some athletes do choose to continue their passion for their sport outside of school, many turn to clubs and extracurriculars during the off season to supplement their interests. Senior Shirish Padam joined LASA’s Science Olympiad (SciO) team, a school club that focuses on science and engineering and uses their inventions and designs to compete around Texas.

“I joined SciO because I was really interested in engineering,” Pandam said. “I thought the club would be a great way for me to pursue that in a competitive setting. I can learn from the other club members and from the sponsor, Mr. Walker.”

While competitive clubs like SciO can bring about stress and extra time commitments to LASA student’s already busy schedules, Pandam reflected that being a part of the SciO team is worth the extra work.

“Being a part of SciO is a big time commitment,” Pandam said. “It can get really stressful especially when we go to competitions, but I think being a part of the club is worth it because SciO gives me a chance to do the things I’m really interested in.”

Senior Tiffany Nyguen, member of Asian Student Society, Chinese Club, Diversity Council and Ladies of Distinction, urges LASA freshmen to get involved in clubs they might be interested in as soon as possible.

“Freshmen should try whatever club they think might interest them,” Nyguen said. “That way they can find the ones they’re really passionate about and eventually take up leadership positions in them.”