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Looking for extracurriculars? Join the club

Mckenzi Popper, Staff Writer

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Cardboard Appreciation Club

Cardboard Appreciation Club, started this year, is dedicated to giving students the opportunity to express their creativity through building without materialistic limits. The club founders are juniors Jackson Evans and Jordan Leeman. The two decided to start the club after realizing there was no time and place to focus their creativity and problem-solving skills outside of school.

Their goal was to create a club that was unique and gave students an opportunity to have fun and feel comfortable. According to Evans, they decided to use cardboard as their building material because it’s both affordable and reusable.

“I think [our club] is for everyone,” Leeman said. “Just having a place where you can relax, build something you can take home, you can show off to other people.”

When: Mondays during lunch
Where: Room 22 (Seagren)

Bowls of Hope

Sophomores Sam Christian, Ishan Ladhuani and Pranav Bingi are the founders of a new club: Bowls of Hope. Their goal is to help reduce malnourishment both close to home and far away. The club will orchestrate food drives to collect food for malnourished people throughout Central Texas and India. They aim to help feed the large number of people in need in these areas and publicize widespread malnutrition both globally and locally.

According to Christian, he strives to give back to the community on a international and local scale. He said that he’s most eager to start this club because he wants to create an impact in the LASA community. Participation in Bowls of Hope will include collecting and distributing food donations and generating awareness throughout the community.

“There are many malnourished people all around the world and people know about it, but they’re not really putting in much of an effort to do anything about it,” Christian said. “Through Bowls of Hope, I think we can really raise awareness in our school and actually make a difference.”

When: every other Tuesdays during lunch
Where: Room 200 (Loewenstern)

Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Club

One of America’s most popular TV shows has arrived at LASA this school year in the form of a club. The captains of this new laid back club are sophomores Audrey Edmond, Gabriel Moore, and Lena Clubine-Horowitz. The Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Club, named after the company for which the main characters of The Office work, meets to watch episodes of The Office.
This club allows students to unwind and relax at the end of a stressful week. Sophomore Abigail Goff is a member of the club. By joining this club, Goff said, members can immerse themselves in the world of The Office, watch the comedy classic show and eat snacks with friends.

“It’s a great time to hang out with friends, relax on a Friday and watch The Office with a bunch of people who are passionate about it,” Goff said.

When: Fridays during lunch
Where: Room 252 (Escandell)

All of these clubs and more can be found on the LASA website.

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Looking for extracurriculars? Join the club